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Dansopleidingen van Fontys Dance Academy 2018-2019

We believe that dance art and dance artists are more than ever capable of empowering and transforming both personal and social domains of life and having a positive impact on our physical and ecological surroundings. The skills of a dance artist are valuable within a rich variety of domains.

Therefore, we enable young dance artists (makers and performers) to develop into highly skilled performers and excellent craftsmen in creating and performing dance in and for different contexts. They develop unique and critical artistic voices and strategies that contribute to a diversity of practices and learn to find their own landscape in which to move. Our students are acknowledged throughout the world. They possess that slightly different approach, embrace change and know how to adapt to it, something which makes us really proud.

Our approach

We offer an inclusive learning environment; a clear focus on individual growth and cooperative exploration; diverse outstanding training and research programs in performance and movement practices. Students are the creators of and performers in their own work. We specifically appreciate students who challenge our ideas of what dance art and a dance artist is. We invite dancers with different backgrounds with an urgent interest in creative, adventurous and conceptual dance training.

Our profiles

The main profiles are Theatre Dance Performance and Choreography (Bachelor in Choreography). The first one has two branches of training: Dance Arts in Context (DAC) and Contemporary Urban. In both profiles students are challenged to collaborate with other art disciplines on different locations in- and outside the theatre through various projects. This is made possible in and around the beautiful building of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, in the heart of Tilburg. We share the house with fourteen other art educations, stretching from Circus and Architecture to Visual Arts and Music. We offer an audacious English speaking programme with a congenial and people-oriented environment. On top of that, every year students get the chance to participate in outstanding dance festivals for professionals such as Deltebre Dansa in Spain, Summer Dance Forever in Amsterdam and De Nederlandse Dansdagen.


  • SUNDAY JANUARY 20 2019
  • SATURDAY MARCH 16 2019

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