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NEW: ​Embodied Movement Institute (EMOVE Institute) starts a certification program in the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) in Rotterdam, July 2019!

This summer a Certification Program in the Laban Bartenieff Movement System will start in Rotterdam. Karen Studd is our program director and the team are international experts in movement analyses and related somatic fields. Our education is a 3 year program, with 3 modules of 9 days a year. English will be the main language.

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Laban/Bartenieff Movement System

EMOVE’s certification program is an in-depth study of the theory and practice of human movement through the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS). It is an approach to movement education and re-patterning that draws from a comprehensive theoretical framework and somatic practice. As a system of movement analysis, LBMS is unique; as it identifies and codifies both the qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of movement, and takes into account both functional and expressive content of actions. The system is also capable of identifying and differentiating what are universal patterns common to all humans, to group patterns, including culturally relevant patterns, and patterns that identify unique characteristics of an individual.

In this program we work from a moving body of knowledge to gain a rich embodied movement vocabulary, refine movement skills, clarify observation, and enhance expression and communication. The program is taught in a combination lecture/laboratory format. Students will experience movement through theory and practice, focused observation, group discussion and hands-on practice.

EMOVE’s certification program in LBMS is a high level certified education. Participants successfully completing the entire program and certification requirements will receive the certification designation LBMA: Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst. It is also an ISMETA Approved Training Program, since we offer the highest quality professional level training in somatic movement education and therapy. Graduates will become ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educators and/or Therapists.

Practical information 

The entire program will take three years. There will be 3 modules of 9 days a year. These are the dates for the first year:

  • Module 1 & 2: 24th June to 13th July 2019
  • Module 3: 15th to 23th February 2020

The program will take place at the University of the Arts CODARTS in Rotterdam.

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