Soirée of Butoh

Soirée of Butoh before the festival. Amsterdam 5 October.

Soirée of Butoh before the festival Amsterdam 5 October 2020  

taking place at Plein Theater, Sajetplein 39 1091DB Amsterdam

Monday 5th October 2020  h 20:30   € 5

An evening devoted to the art of Butoh. 9 Butoh dancers will show their works


9 performers
8 performances with dancers from: Italy, Marocco in the Netherlands, The Netherlands, U.K.


Alex McCabe . U.K. | Ari Peterse . The Netherlands | Bodhi Abbi (Loren Ramona) . The Netherlands | Bushra Arbawi . Marocco in the Netherlands | Ezio Tangini . Italy |  Kamee Frieling . The Netherlands | Lex Hijmans . The Netherlands |  Maria Luttikhuis . The Netherlands | Naïma Baraca . Marocco in the Netherlands

Alex McCabe  Nocturne   choreographer Steinvor Pallson
Maria Luttikhuis  Phoenix
Kamee Frieling and Ari Peterse  The end of me. the end of us, the end of Death
Bodhi Abbi (Loren Ramona)  How Our Earth Moves

p a u s e

Ezio Tangini  Mezzanine
Naïma Baraca  LEAVES
Lex Hijmans  NOthing
Bushra Arbawi  Something that is not over yet

Mon 5th October 2020 h 20:30   € 5

Due to limited seats available for covid-19 restriction, tickets will only be available online.
You are highly recommended to book your seat online, so that you will be sure to have your seat.
If you will pass at the booking office on the same Soirée of Butoh day, very probably, you will not be able to have access at the theater. 
We are very sorry about that but we are forced to do it this way.


For further information contact Ezio Tangini e_mail


The Soirèe of Butoh before the festival taking place at  Plein Theater, Sajetplein 39 1091DB Amsterdam 

Tel. +31 20 6654568

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5 okt '20


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